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Hi! I think that for many of us with ADHD we have grown accustomed to constantly explaining EVERYTHING to everyone all the time because we see the world so differently and the ‘norms’ just don’t get. Couple that with how we are able to see through bs and get to the solution of a problem much quicker than most… people get a little put off by it. Or worse when people get that ‘blank’ expression when you’re talking. Social interactions are difficult for us and we tend to talk too much or too little in all areas from work to friends to family. I myself always assume that no matter what I’m going to say the intended recipient isn’t going to get it or understand so in my head I always have full explanations at the ready to help. Of course most of the time those explanations are not required but my brain doesn’t know that so I spit them out anyways. Good luck to you and remember that even though we have to conform a bit to survive in this world we do not have to feel ashamed or change who we are.