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Hi! I’m a 37 yr old female and I was diagnosed as a child and have been receiving treatments mainly behavioral therapy all of my life. I also take Adderall.. I can tell you that Vitamin C before or after med times is a no no- so hit that at night- also where as your diet is very lean and ‘healthy’ for a person without ADHD I would say it’s a bit lacking for someone that does have ADHD. Since ADHD is a full on brain thing your focus should be on fueling that part of your body. Focus your attention on foods that boost brain power and activity. Lean proteins are a must with the occasional lean red meat. I have found that when I eat for my brain that my symptoms are much more in control and I feel better all the way around. I agree that the dose you are on is very low for an adult and you should consider talking about maybe an increase. I would also suggest regular appointments with an ADHD therapist to help you adjust and learn behavior therapies to help you manage your symptoms. I see one every week. For everyone else out there….. pre- packaged foods are the enemy for us along with food dyes…. pay close attention to food dyes and preservatives as those normally have a very negative reaction to those of us with ADHD.