Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school


All of these stories are so similar to ours, as I’m sure to everyone else. My story/horror show with school basically ended last year (end of 6th grade 4/2017) when my son was just so fed up with everything (stress, anxiety, bullying, no friends, no teachers who liked him etc.) he just stopped working and put his head down on his desk. He then learned that if he gets in trouble, for whatever reason, he doesn’t care because he will be sent home most likely, and that’s what he wants. He started getting very depressed as well as extremely anxious. He was worried about if I die and who will take care of him because he feels alone in this world without me. So that was my breaking point. I removed him from school and am now homeschooling him. (Principal of his middle school hated him and would never like him, which was obvious.) I looked for out of district placement but there were none for us and our district’s special ed department is pathetic, so I said NO MORE! I am taking control of my son’s life, emotions, self-esteem, ambition, education, and most of all health!. Basically, school was ruining him, from inside and out. I felt bad for how long I basically made him go to school and kept lying telling him, saying this year will be better, this year will be the best yet! It never happened! So now, he no longer has to put up with bullying, not having friends and always being in trouble. He is lonely (but he lives with me, dad, 22 y/o sister and 15 y/o brother in 9th), but I am working on social things (we’re getting a cocktail in two weeks which he is going to take care of). Nicer weather is coming and am looking into horseback riding and maybe some therapeutic/social events. But being lonely from no socialization “of school” with mean kids and teachers, is way better than being continuously put down, socially excluded, bullied, punished for basically defending himself, and just be so depressed and anxious and not care about anything anymore. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that taking him out of school was the best thing for him at this time in his life. We are hoping to try high school in a 2019/2020 because it will be a new school, new principal, teachers, kids, building, etc., and will be a new beginning. He will be more mature, have relaxed his anxiety and depression (both school initiated). Like I said, I don’t have answers, I just have our story and wanted to share. I know I feel a little better when I read that sooo many other families are going through the same thing…..which also gets me mad because if there are so many of “our kids” out there, why is school so freakin difficult for teachers and admin to accommodate and support our kids!!!