Reply To: Swiping/Impulsive Behavior


My son is 18 now and has ADHD, anxiety and Oppositonal defiant disorder, and auditory processing disorder. We been dealing with this since 13,14 of age. He gets so bad and breaks things. He stop going to school more then a year. He is 3 years behind in high school and started this week in a GED program in a college and went 1 day and didn’t go again. He says its too hard no help and over 100 people in class. He needs lot of help mentally, social skills and education. It’s very hard to put him away for help and now he’s 18 he has to voluntary go and for how long then he will be out. He was in for 2 days and they let him go saying he was ok. He is not he needs help. He can’t hold a job because of supervision authority and anxiety getting ready to have to work. Social Security denied his twice saying he is ok to work. He doesn’t want to take any medicine.
We don’t know what to do.