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I myself do not have ADHD. So I may not be able to relate 100%.

I often read problems of friends here who feel that everything is due to their ADHD.
Somehow I feel that it is a strong identification with the condition.

For example – Right now I am in a phase of life where I do not have many friends. Its all time low. It hurts. I feel separate from all except just one or two.
I have always had few friends but I am not a very social person. I have always managed to have a bunch of friends to talk to. So this phase is unsettling for me.

There were some years I felt very, very low emotionally and was stuck in a ‘why me’ kind of state.
Just stuck. It lasted for years. It took my own efforts before I could come out of it.

May be the extent to which or the intensity with which an ADHD person feels the issues is greater coz of the sensitive nature of ADHD person.

If not ADHD, neurotypical people have some other issues/problems/conditions of their own. No one is free from them. Life balances itself.
But I am sure we ALL are far more than the issues we face and the conditions we have.

No matter who gives up on you, never ever give up on yourself.
Take care!


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