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I remember back in the days when all you had was your house phone connected to the wall, I could only carry on a conversation when I was alone behind a closed door confined to the bottom of the staircase (which was all the farther the cord would reach!). It would be impossible to focus if I had to be out in the main room with the TV or others around. But, I would have hour long chats with friends.. and now looking back I keep asking myself… have I changed? Or has it always been challenging to talk when in a normal room?

I find that if one of my adult kids MUST talk about something serious on the phone with me then I have to find a quiet closet corner where there would be no chance of being interrupted or distracted by whats going on in front of me.

I honestly have no idea how people can work in an large office, and have to talk on the phone, and still get work done.