Reply To: Generic Adderall


I have a theory on this subject of generic brands of adderall and why some work sometimes and not other times and vice versa.
Its really quite complicated though and im not sure if i really should bother going into it because if my theory is correct , well it would end up turning into an essay, then a novel…
The gist of it is yes perhaps at times each generic version has to take a hit on quality and or strength because the dea tighly regulates and controls specific ingredients which they have set that only such and such amount of it is allowed to be made and used per year. There had always seem to be a shortage of adderall (generic or not) right before the start of school in the fall
With that said , i dont believe those prescribed the meds get jipped on purpose, besides there are likely many on too high of a dose and those too low of one so eventually we all get hit by this ripple effect, which is strange and made me wonder if i was going a little bit crazy. Like how could i suddenly have such a high tolerance from one script to the next that suddenly the new generic the pharmacy switched to does absolutely nothing except give me severe headaches and heartburn and feels nothing like the former generic which btw was a totally different color and major difference in the TASTE of the ir tablets..kind of a dead give away if you ask me. Amphetamines have a chemically bitter taste to them regardless of what form they are in that is unmistakable . But anyhow , those were orange the white ones tasted and crumbled like aspirin and did not have that bitter amp taste at all
Maybe it was a sick experiment to see how long it would take if it even takes for anyone to notice and start saying something
And yes , beth you are totally right, all the pharmacist will tell you is how they are all the freaking same blah blah (eh hem excuse me while i cough and clear my throat as i say bullsh*t at the same time)
Its all theory, except the part about the dea and how tightly controlled and limited the amount of whatever the special ingredient used in part for amphetamines per year.