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I am dealing with the same issue – my entire life has been the “worst case outcome” side of those ADHD pamphlets as I was not diagnosed or treated until my oldest was almost 1. He’s 8 now and diagnosed – we started meds over a month ago but I am having so much trouble with how to proceed/handle his treatment – my own treatment was suboptimal until a couple months ago (his diagnoses spurred me on to approach my own treatment with more seriousness as now I am responsible for Both of our treatments and I don’t want to screw his up!) his teacher and school are great but I feel so inconsistent in my efforts and worry they will give up on him – ive hired a parent coach for an ADHD parent and ADHD child which starts this coming week and have to make an appointment with his paediatrician today to get his meds raised/possibly changed to 2x a day since they wear off in afternoon. (Only thing longer acting than dex spansules is vyanse and I bet we’re not covered for that. He may have to take meds at lunch in school office?) I wish someone responsible and consistent could just take over for at least the beginning of his treatment and/or tell me exactly what to do! I’m floundering in a million directions I feel. I’m in Canada not sure if it’s the same in schools re 504 type plan but so far the school and teacher seem very cooperative and helpful but it’s totally up to me to direct them – I also feel that (how dumb does this sound!?) both the resources I’ve contacted and his paediatrician are far too agreeable with me like they agree with everything I suggest right down to his medication choice and dose and I guess I have the ADHD typical huge self doubt but it reminds me of every job I’ve ever had where I just “faked it” acted like I knew what I was doing and got away with it until it all fell apart and came crashing down in some drama/crisis. I learn almost everything from this website and wish dr Dodson lived here and could help us im sure a lot of people on this site wish he could treat them as ive never seen the issues written out so perfectly anywhere else. I really think you are doing great for your daughter you’re further along and way more “on it” than I am – also to the teacher who posted above with ADHD – thank you so much for those tips and words of encouragement. Wish you all the best!