Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school


As Im reading this I actually have tears in my eyes because everything that has been talked about here is EXACTLY what Im going through with my daughter and Ive felt so alone until now. Tears of frustration(I wish I founf this site sooner) and relief that I found a forum to talk to other parents in the same situation.
My daughter is 12,in 7th grade and has ADD and so do I. She pretty much has given up on trying in school. Im fortunate enough to be living with family so Im able to be home when she gets home from school.I give positive reinforcement, and absolutely enforce the methods of making it about growth and process.Looking at the positve steps that shes accomplishing. Nothing has worked. I feel guilty like im not doing enough, and I cry in hiding and pray for her everyday
But now She is depressed, and anytime she tries hard, some grades go up slightly then other grades are F’s. Ive asked for IEP testing numerous times and nothing is done. When teachers get frusterated with her, or make tiny comments about ‘listening’ or following the instructions prpoerly her whole world turns upside down. She physically tries to make herself sick so she dosent have to go to school. She also calls me from the nurses office. Ive had teacher,academeic advisor,and school couselor meetings and they all know about her ADD –yet its ignored when Im requesting extra help!! We also go to family therapy and a psy. She has also had bullies and thoughts of suicide.Im Also considering online school, with attending regular school half time.
She only has friendships on role playing fanpage apps. Which I do monitor, and they roleplay situations as their fav video game character or others.I understand she does that because she feels ‘safer’ in that kind of friendship instead of getting bullied or hurt in real person.

Does anybody else have kids ‘roleplaying’ as different people on these apps? I honestly think that half of these people are predators, and I cant get her off of it because they pretend to be her friend. She constantly lies about it and goes on other peoples phones to play.
any advice Please?