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Thank you so much!! I feel somewhat better. My husband has adhd and he went the community college route before going off to university. He keeps telling me our son ought to do the same. Having my very good friend, and next door neighbor, who has two high honor role boys that are just doing fabulous all around has made me feel that my son needs to keep up, but you’re right, it just can’t be. I need to stop comparing him to others that don’t have this disorder. I need to be ok with saying my son is off to community college rather than a four-year college straight from high school. I think if I am at peace with that then there’ll be a whole lot of pressure off my son and he won’t be as stressed out. He did ask me if he could wait a year before going to college. What concerns me with a gap year that you mentioned is that it may be harder for him to get motivated to study again. Do you worry about that at all? My son has a very clear sight on what he wants to do career-wise so maybe it would be the drive to get him to go to community college after a year’s break.
Thank you SO much for taking the time to write me an answer. I am so much more at peace knowing the community college route after high school is better for a lot of the less-mature adhd-ers out there. Thanks again!