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Penny Williams

My daughter is a freshman in college, no ADHD diagnosis, but she does have anxiety. She didn’t get her driver’s license until last summer. Had no interest. She has met many fellow freshman at school that have never even had a driving permit. She’s terrified of growing up. It’s bonkers to me. This generation just doesn’t seem as excited about being independent.

Now, ADHD adds another layer to this — it’s a developmental disorder, so our kids with ADHD are 2-3 years behind their neurotypical peers in a lot of ways. They don’t mature as fast.

Grow Up Already! Why It Takes So Long to Mature

I know my son (ADHD and ASD diagnoses) will live at home at least 2 years after graduating high school. He plans to go to the community college first. He’s a freshman in high school right now (15) and I’m not sure he’ll even be ready for community college after school. He may need a gap year in order to be really successful at higher learning institutions.

The Case for (Working, Maturing) Gap Years

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