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WOW… I am just blown away… this is SOOO Me…. I ALSO HATE answering the door. So strange. I never put 2 and 2 together, but reading this I just realized that is probably tied into my hate of talking on the phone as well.

I also have very few friends but seeing me you would probably NEVER guess that. I go to work and am nice enough to ppl but have NO desire to befriend ppl. I feel judged too often and I am just too emotional I think to deal with ppl. I just don’t have the ability to connect thru talk sometimes b/c I just DON’T want to talk. The less I have to speak to someone or listen to someone most of the time, the better. The exception is when I’m learning something b/c I do LOVE to learn new things (this just started in my 30’s as I was NOT that way in school and barely passed) Now typing all this seems a bit strange b/c if you met me you would think I was such a sweet person. I go out of my way to help ppl and not make ppl feel uncomfortable, major ppl pleaser. However, ppl take advantage of me wanting to be kind and helpful so I find it’s better to just keep my distance unless it’s an acquaintance situation or work.

Thank you for sharing!!!

Feels so good to know I’m not alone.