Reply To: my aging brain with adhd


At the same age i was also getting more absent minded and forgetful. I couldnt leave our apartment without going back three times for items i forgot. Leaving at the same time as my wife was particularly problematic as the distraction was overwhelming. About this time I was diagnosed with a major depression, third wife was leaving and packing up two or three boxes a week and leaving them in our dining room.
Prescribed Ven La Faxine a slow but steady improvement in memory took place particularly working memory. A year later the ADHD diagnosis explained in detail what my real problems were….(my sister had found a box with all my old report cards in it and all those typical comments in them) My working memory continued to improve such that within 2 years I was able to memorize music from over 100 new choral pieces a year within a few practices in the 3 choirs I sing with. . Keys are seldom lost and I have survived and thrived after a move to a new apartment, concurrent to having a heart valve replaced. I still have a terrible memory for names and found Concerta made me too assertive/aggressive. I wanted it to reduce my running at the mouth at all the wrong times….