Reply To: Help! computer and ipad are destroying my kids


I’m in the same situation as you. I have a 16 year old who is addicted but won’t admit it. We have to have strict usage rules and I monitor him closely when he does homework. He is not allowed gaming time during school week. We allow him more slack from Friday afternoon to Sunday as he works now. He doesn’t play sports or participate in afterschool activities. All he wants to do is come home to his computer so we told him if he wanted game time he had to get a job. I wish video games had never been invented! My husband is in the industry so my son has had access to a lot more than most children. My husband has adhd as well and has made a very comfortable life for us in the gaming business. My son wants to be a developer so he needs games in his life. The gaming industry makes more money than the movie industry now. It’s here to stay and can be very educational!
I would talk to guidance in person at school and tell them you want your children to have paper homework. If they’re on an iep or 504 they can’t ignore you. At school the teachers can monitor that they aren’t abusing the iPad.
We pulled our son out of a private high school because they were paperless. They assured us that the iPads were locked down and couldn’t be abused. My son, and others, were able to bypass their locks and watch movies and YouTube during class!! We pulled him out and now he goes to a public high school.
You’re paying, through taxes, the salary of teachers. If they won’t help you speak to principal. If he doesn’t help you go to superintendent. I’d also see if your pediatrician could get involved.
Almost every generation has a gripe on new technology. The gaming industry isn’t going away so we need to find ways to monitor usage. There are plenty of parental locks. We take all electronics from my son prior to bed.
I’m sure I haven’t helped but know you’re not the only one. Get onto the school!