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I hear you. I hear you all.
I’ve found that using amino acids and herbs can really assist in beating depression. They must never be used in conjunction with SSRI’S or MAO inhibitors.
Most conventional antidepressants should be used for at least two continuous years (if they are working for you.) This is because they work by making your brain absorb amino acids that make you feel motivated, happy and content. During the two years use, your brain cells have all been renewed, and all the new brain cells are trained to take up amino acids. Voila, new, happier brain for long term!
St John’s Wort is a herb than can make your brain take up seratonin, which makes us feel mentally well and happy. Curcumin also does this. Quality product in tailored doses are necessary. See a qualified herbalist. Similarly to conventional meds, long term use will be necessary for lasting change.
5-HTP is an amino acid that is converted to seratonin. Again, quality and dose are important. The effects can be almost immediate, the cloud lifts and joy begins to return. Using 5-HTP alone will not teach your brain how to regulate itself, as the herbs will, but it makes you feel better quickly.
GABA is another amino acid that helps with anxiety and negative thought loops.
There is a lot of information online about using amino acids and herbs to help with depression. It has really helped me, and I hope that by sharing this with a caution to seek professional herbalist advice, that this information can help others. Please proceed only if you are well informed.
Best wishes. Remember you are precious.