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Darlings! I have a working answer. My loved ones who are always loving and supportive are the only ones to phone any more. Also the very rare important call that I don’t mind, like to book a course. Everyone else gave up. I email or text back instead of phoning. Very very rarely also I get a cold call from a salesperson which also doesn’t bug me because there are no bad consequences whichever way I handle it. So the phone doesn’t stress me any more. Most often it’s my Mum who is the sweetest most forgiving person I know. So my phone has become quite safe. My close friends WhatsApp or text and I email them long stories. And we set up face to face dates for picnics which works perfectly. You need to be happy to be rude.if you have grandparents or whatever, good luck. I tend to text or email people to email or text me first so I can take the ear plugs out of my ears. My important close loved ones are comfortable with my phone manners by now. They know no news is good news and if my phone battery is flat it’s just because my own battery is flat meaning I am tired so then I don’t charge my phone. Or if I see a missed call I text them back to apologize and tell them I’m here now. Then they call and we enjoy a happy conversation. I am on meds now and forty years old so it helps for the stubbornness. Also where I stay people are quite rude so it’s normal enough. Most employers WhatsApp me jobs so that’s OK too. When I have a busy job (full time as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic) I generally only answer if it’s Control Room or Operations Office. Colleagues catch up with me when they see me face to face. Unless it’s a very valued junior colleague who may be calling for advice or help. I treat them as an emergency. They are non threatening people. If anyone not so special to me says they were looking for me I say oh and look at them inquisitively and they spill the beans. I don’t apologize. People seem to find it easier that way.