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I can’t pull away and I’m a terrible reader, but I keep reading…

I had no idea that another person felt the same.

I always feel guilty for thinking & feeling “Ug” when the phone rings.

This discussion has helped me put my feelings & thoughts into words.
– I walk off because I need the quiet, I can’t focus & it hurts my ears
– I need to focus for when they take that little pause for a reaction, and I better know what we are talking about
– I need to stay on track when responding, I can’t trail off into another story, and then a 3rd, and then…you know
– It’s hard to sit still, sometimes I find myself out on the deck looking at the trees….it’s easier to reel myself back in. I ‘just now’ figured that out
– When I’m done and I just can’t keep track, and I don’t want to hog the conversation, how do I get to hang up. I don’t want to hurt or offend, but I can’t keep up….mmmm hmmm, I just need wash those & make sure the dryer…..crud, what is she talking about…..Ah, okay….mmmm hmmmm, I could try and make it to the library by 7:30, get my holds & look up…crud! what are we talking about….pay attention, pay attention…think of a question you can ask, I could ask…..wait what is she talking about, they went were.., I thought they were making curtains

Now I have to go back up and finish reading!