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I’ve had this same issue my whole adult life, well even as a teenager. I learned a little trick to get me to make calls. First of all, I make a list of the calls I need to make WITH PHONE NUMBERS so I don’t have some reason to put it off. Next, I write the reason for the call. I decide what I’m going to say. Then if I have a number of calls, I do them first thing in the day or as soon as I’m sure I’ll get hold of the person I need to call. When I’m really anxious, I choose a reward for myself when I make the call, or I set a timer for 10 seconds (see below) and I have to start the call before the timer goes off. I know this sounds crazy, but I have found these tactics work for me. I only make calls at one time of day and I set aside 30 minutes for all my calls. When that time is up, I don’t have to do any more until the next calling period. It relieves a lot of anxiety. I also saw this for my other procrastination bugaboos that I want to get off my list.
Good luck everyone!