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Thank you everyone! I thought there was truly something (else) wrong w/me. When the phone rings, it’s as though I hear “BAM!!BAM!!BAM!!” & know the Secret Police have found me or something. My heart starts pounding, & I honestly panic & try to think if there is something I’ve forgotten to do, or someplace I’m supposed to be, or a bill I forgot to pay…I always let it go to voicemail, but if I come home & the machine is blinking, I still panic, but at least the blinking number doesn’t scream “Incoming!!” at me – not quite as loudly anyway. It still, though, almost always takes me several days to make myself listen to the messages. The problem w/people calling my cell is that they know it registers that they’ve called, even if they don’t leave a message, so they still expect a call back. And I am right now also avoiding a “To Call” list that is causing me anguish (I really did put away a bill that overwhelmed me, so now it’s overdue & accruing penalty charges & I REALLY don’t want to make THAT call). I’m so sorry you all are my fellow-strugglers with this.