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This has been a real hurdle for me as well, for many reasons, including hearing loss. I have “adapted” and often instead of phoning a business or whatever, i will physically go there before i will pick up the phone. i know who i can speak to for hours on the phone and who i can’t: Certain people speak clearly so it’s no problem. But my adult children both speak like they have a mouth full of marbles & have to repeat themselves to the point of frustration for us both–to the point that i’ve told them to just text me–PLEASE.

Now i have a new job where i have to call and receive calls from customers and as terrifying as it seemed at first, as long as my attention doesn’t waver and wander or there isn’t any other distractions in the background, i do ok. Email is my best friend. BUT HOLY COW, i had no idea so many people have a problem with the telephone! Thank you all for sharing–it helps me know i’m not alone and neither are YOU!

KrisBeeBee–i feel you! i have a sister who sounds like yours!