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I signed up as well just to respond to this post. OMG im not the only one! I really thought I was
Crazy or something seriously was wrong with me,and I’m the only one that feels this. I hate talking on the phone. I get anxiety attacks when i need to call someone. My family and friends know I hate it, and they understand, but it is interfering with my life. I have to make doctor appts, and other appts, appts for my son, and I avoid it as much as possible. People say that im procrastinating or Im lazy, and that’s just not the case. It’s like I’m afraid to pick up the phone to call someone. When I do pick up my phone to make a call, I freeze,start sweating,and my mind just races to find reasons why I can’t make that call at the time. It’s putting a strain on my relationship as well. My boyfriend feels like I’m disconnecting from us cause I don’t call him. He feels that” Im not that into him ” cause I don’t want to hear his voice during the day, or just to see how his day is going. I do call him, but not as much as I should. I feel horrible because thats just not the case, i love him with all my heart. I can listen to my voicemail, if its not important I won’t call, if it is well hopefully I call back. I think texting is superficial and is a cop out to connect to the real world, but at the same time Im relieved that texting was created, I don’t get so much anxiety to talk to people now. So I’m basically contradicting myself,I know that butit does help me.I do try everyday to make my calls, I feel atleast im aware of my problem, and hopefully one day soon ill be cured of this horrible feeling.