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Hello Mom2,
My husband is 54 and hasn’t held a job for more than 4 years in his life. I didn’t know he had ADD when we met. I kind of understood it when we moved in together, and it made me postpone our marriage a few years. We’ve been married for 3 years now, and been together about 10, and he’s had at least 10 jobs with a lot of unemployment inbetween. He’s currently training (taking 4 years to do what others do in 1) for a job he truly likes and will succeed in….if his inability to organize himself can be overlooked or he gets a lot of training on the job and a really, really good manager. All this is to say I hear you, I know where you are. I make a decent salary, so I finally freed myself by giving up on him ever changing. I love the things I love about him, and the ADD is just a disability I learn to live with, like any other. Letting go of the frustration is making my life better, and his, too, I imagine. He isn’t proud of himself and his past and feels our friends make fun of him behind his back. They probably do. I can’t help that. Only we know the truth of our relationship and how happy we really are together. Sometimes I wish it were different, then I catch myself thinking of lousy past relationships. You have to take the good with the bad in life, and this isn’t too bad, in perspective.