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Thanks for your answer.

@ ADHDmomma

I know its not him its the ADD, like I said my english isnt perfect so pretty hard for me to write something correct. My son tried Aderall XR, Vyvanse and Concerta. The best was Aderall but actually his impulse is higher. With Vyvanse and Concerta he had to take something else Risperidone and the other intuniv for impulsivity. I’m trying now with natural product and I find that harder than I thought but you know, since 2 days he started having thought, yes he starting saying I know its me and not the other (blame always other), I know I have a problem and I wanna change….. He started saying good things that he NEVER said before. I think I’m not sure I did the good choice stopping the medicine we will see in a few weeks.
I’m glad he can start saying some feelings. Its going slow but looks like he realize. I bought two books from Russell Barkley cant wait to read it.
Also hen I think about it, I dont think he is bipolar, every February March things start going very bad with him, behavior….. but the rest of the year its ”fine”. So maybe the lack of sun light affect him badly I don’t know but I ordered a lamp to see. If I’m not trying everything I will never know.

@ bkitchin1 Thanks I will take a look for Dr. amen’s. I’m trying to explain him about carbs and sugar but he gets so mad he think its a punishment…. Do you have a site or a place with some information adapted for a 13 yo kid to read about?