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I am a teacher with add – so I see both sides!
Middle school becomes a challenge due to so many different teachers, homework and ORGANIZATION that is required.
Color coding helps – ask her to choose a color for each class and think why…so she remembers the color.
When is the last time she got her eyes checked? (By an eye dr. NOT pediatrician. Also double check hearing just in case.
Practice taking notes at home. My kindergartners can watch a movie and take notes so… practice with a cartoon. Oh spongebob is yellow..write yellow, his friend is patrick…write patrick. he’s driving…write driving.
Taking notes takes practice, but they get faster. This forces an add person to pay attention and also helps them remember what they learn. (our church has fill in the blanks – and it keeps you from daydreaming).
If she wants to watch extra tv – ok…but she has to take notes.
Watch sleep. Add needs LOTS of sleep, so push back the bedtime. Also watch nutrition – more protein esp breakfast less sugar!!
go to dr. daniel amen’s website for lots of good info.
also hormones can affect add – he has a book 7 types of add and also the female brain (or something like that).
Most important of all…find out what she’s good at/likes and promote that (you have to feel good about yourself!!)
Is it sports, art, music, photography (ansel adams had add) grow her passions
also check for dyslexia (can occur with add)
tell her about famous people with add (google them) so she knows she’s not alone!
no tv in bedroom, possible no computer and no phone during homework time / may need to take away at night
no electronics 1 hour before sleep – interferes with sleep
check for snoring (sleep apnea) not getting enough oxygen – not restful sleep
tell her you love her and share your struggles – everyone has struggles hence new years resoloutions – so she’s not alone
celebrate success no matter how small
good luck