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Thanks Penny! My son was sent home with the Evaluation Report yesterday (very proud of himself that he did not open the sealed envelope…LOL). He scored exceptionally well on every academic portion of the evaluation, and exceptionally poor on every portion that required him to use or manipulate his working or short term memory. Several aspects bothered me, the administrator gave him extra time for his responses during timed subtests, noted his distractability and his inability to remain focused but due to his academic ability concluded that he should be able to “self-correct” his inability to remain focused. And the tests were done over several days, broken up into several sessions.

Nowhere in the report did it mention his ADHD or anxiety diagnoses or that he was on Concerta while the test was administered. I guess I’m just in shock. At last year’s meeting my son was doing just as well academically and the Dean was talking about how my son needed to be evaluated for ASD. It’s like the school has done a complete 180.

I’m going to get started on that letter, I’m sure it will take me a few drafts. LOL.