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Thank you for your interesting post.

1. This one is both very true and also very sad. I admire people for just staying on workplaces year after year, I have ended jobs way too quick because it was simply boring/unstimulating
2. Yes, this emotional hypersensitivity is a big problem. It is very hard to explain what I mean in reality, I´m also not aware if I´m right so it´s mostly guessing on my own head that I´m often wrong.
3. Yes, the analyzing part is true. I admire people that really don´t care what others think about them (if it´s not serious things I mean). I don´t care about every single persons opinons, but people I have/had in my inner circle is nothing I could just shrug off even if I often wish I could.

For me, that doesn´t have the hyperactivity have never been put on Concerta or other meds for adhd (I have ADD and ASD)
Have you tried SSRI? In that case. Can you tell me the difference how you felt about these two? I only get numbed by SSRI and sleepy with alot of yawning.

Thank you for the book och youtube advice, I will check this up!

CBT has never worked out well for me, I think i´ts because of the ASD I don´t like when people tell me what to do. Also they
often want me to go out of my routines and that´s when the anxiety getting bigger. For people with “only” ADHD CBT is great I think.

I don´t think I have ODD because I suffer from having bad conscience all the time even when it´s no argument going on.
I do feel that suffer from ODD you also must have some sort of lacking empathy and sympathy, I know for a fact I have those.