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Penny Williams

It’s the law that they have to do a re-evaluation to see if they still qualify for special education services and an IEP. It sucks, but it’s part of IDEA. At my son’s 5th grade re-evaluation, they told me he tested very well and his grades were good so I should drop special ed. I refused and was told that was my one and only refusal. I refused because he was doing well because of the IEP and also clicking well with teachers that year. It was an anomaly and I knew it.

Fast forward to 8th grade, and the same specialist that had told me we should drop SPED in 5th, was fighting for extra services and assistive tech she clearly saw the need for. 8th grade was worse than ever (although this year, 9th, has topped them all just about).

Now, it’s also the law that you sign off on a particular form to approve testing before they do it (don’t remember what it’s called, permission to evaluate or test or something like that). They definitely dropped the ball there.

You were right to ask for the reports before your meeting. I would prepare Parent Concerns and Present Levels of Performance letters from the parent perspective, and submit them to the school a couple days before the meeting. That way you have documented needs and concerns noted outside what the testing shows, in case he tested well.

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You can request additional testing at any time. So, if there’s something you think should be evaluated that wasn’t, make the request (in writing). I know with an initial evaluation you can request an IEE at the school’s expense if you disagree — I think you can do that anytime. IEE is defined here:

“What Does That Mean?” Glossary of Special Education Terms and Acronyms

While they are held to these laws, I have found that Charter schools don’t have the knowledge of the SPED laws as they should, and often don’t follow the processes in IDEA.

Let us know the outcome of your meeting.

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