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I can completely relate….I spend all day getting nothing done bouncing from one thing to another, feeling tired and unengaged in EVERYTHING.
Yet it’s funny how when night rolls around I feel like a COMPLETELY new, awake, pure-energy feeling person. I could conquer the world at night
if I wanted too. Yet during the day, I am a zombie and every single thing I do is a problem. Explaining this to an “average person” is a nightmare.
They feel good all day while we feel like crap and get nothing done. When it’s nighttime everyone’s ready for bed while we are ready to go!!!

I found out that most of us with ADHD have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Our internal clock is off and our bodies want to be awake from 9 at night
too 1 in the afternoon the next day. Rather then the norm (awake in the morning and sleep at night). Its opposite for us which makes it impossible to
function during the day because our bodies want to really be “sleeping”. This might explain a lot of what your feeling.

I wish I had an idea of what meds to take as I am struggling with the whole situation myself.

I think a better, deeper, sleep for us would help a lot just not sure how to do that. I’ve heard of light therapy for switching the internal clock back so we can function during the day. DSPD is not very researched. DSPD is REAL !!! WE NEED HELP & TREATMENT ASAP.