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And to update: The special ed teacher is going to send me the evaluations. Teacher said “[Your Son] was reevaluated to see if he still qualified for Special Education services. He was given the WISC-V and WAIT-III. While we will go over the results together, I can send you a copy of the results today and you can read them ahead of time.”

To see if he STILL qualified? And one of those tests is largely academic, and you gave it to him first thing in the morning when his Concerta is in full effect. His accommodations are all related to his emotional regulation and ADHD. This makes zero sense. Right now he qualifies for his IEP under Multiple Disabilities; LD, Other Health Impairment (ADHD), and Emotional Disturbance (anxiety disorder). So how does the results of those evaluations going to show us if my son still qualifies for the IEP? We all know he’s academically gifted.

I’m not understanding what the school is trying to accomplish here. I’m at a lose at how to prepare for the meeting. I could see potentially dropping LD from his IEP but he’d still qualify for services under the other two categories.