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Thanks, Penny!

Is there a way to post general topics? – I wondered if I should post this in the kids section instead of adults.

I’ve had worse luck with methylphenidates so I’m hoping to figure this rebound part out for amphetamines.

It seems like there are two stages before it wears off: 1) working well, then 2) rebound (headaches, eyes weird, exhausted but still mentally revved up, etc), and after that, it seems to actually be out of my system but I was still having trouble falling asleep. On the short-acting amphetamines, it’s about 5 hours that it works and 5 more of the rebound symptoms.

Researching and experimenting since when I initially posted this, I’ve learned one thing:
I wasn’t able to fall asleep till sometimes 3 or 4am. But it seems like if I took the short-acting one at 8am, at 3 am it can’t be because it is still in my system. Instead, I’m starting to think that it is because I’m too tired to get to sleep on time. I generally have trouble falling asleep if I stay up too late and am too tired. The rebound symptoms make it hard to do the things I have to do before going to bed. Even brushing my teeth feels like an insurmountable challenge to getting to bed – so I was staying up later. So I’ve been trying to make sure I get to bed earlier those nights and it’s been helping with not being able to fall asleep.

I’d still love any advice on how to reduce the other rebound symptoms though!