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I have ADHD and dyslexia as well. The struggles are real.

3 things that have been helping me lately:

1. I heard an expert describe focusing better when moving, and also focusing better while talking (vs. interacting with text). So, I’ve been trying this out at work. I take a walk at lunchtime and dictate to my phone while walking (I use the google doc app). When I get back, I only need to edit the document and organize it. This is much easier than sitting in front of a blank document and typing. (and it just looks like I’m exercising and talking to a friend on the phone, so that’s a normal lunch activity)

2. I have discovered a great book and podcast! They take you step by step along the journey to work with your ADHD not against it. It’s great! (This also relates to the many people on this thread who would like to transition to making a living with their creativity e.g. the episode from Sept. 19, 2015 – but you should listen chronologically and give it a chance because it takes them a few episodes to get good at doing them).

3. Medication for ADHD is helping my dyslexia. One of my challenges with reading/writing/language is very weak working memory. It’s hard to pull up words for things. It’s hard to write the second half of a sentence because I can’t remember the first half. etc. I has been hard to find meds that work for me, but as I’m getting closer I see that they really help with all this kind of stuff!

Good luck everyone!!