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I totally understand. I am turning 50 this year and I realize I don’t have any friends to celebrate with. I only recently realized I have add and have not found a doctor yet but all the signs are there. I was in a church and very active for almost 20 years and came out with no real friends. When I stopped going to church I didn’t hear from anyone It was the beginning of me realizing I had add and that I was apparently hard to be around. But now I know and so I can do things a little different at least I am aware of my issue. I have since moved to a different state and am trying to find ways to connect with people. I have been visiting Churches and looking for small opportunities to connect with people. Does your community have a senior center, or maybe a class of some kind; local craft store has all kind of classes and no you are not too old to learn something new haaahaa! Even look at a local community college for some continuing education classes. I have been trying really hard to stay connected to I have made one friend and it is a new relationship so I have to work real hard to stay connected example we met at work so the first step was to try to meet outside of work which we made plans for dinner and I had to make sure not to cancel cause I really wanted to only cause I was tired and it is easier to crawl in my head then make the effort but I did and we had a great time. Now I am trying to stay connected cause I don’t see her at work I change positions and It is real easy to get lost in our own agenda. Not sure any of this help but If you need to talk I can try to listen. I am thinking of starting a support group online maybe facebook any thoughts I am maria and I live in tn.