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Hello, ‘mom2…’,

Have you and your husband discussed looking for the type of job that he held for about eight years? Have you looked at free local resources for help with a job search, such as your local library? If you think a career coach would be helpful, you can look at LinkedIn ProFinder, but beware. You will get canned replies from people who obviously did not read your husband’s request. I hired a career coach for a family member who is happy with his services, 1-1/2 month so far. They are working on ‘Clifton Strengths’, for which there is a workbook available at bookstores. Have you considered looking at local websites for services people need? Maybe your husband can be self employed at something more lucrative than Lyft/Uber. There are so many services being offered to busy people these days, and many require no training or set up costs, such as cooking dinners, running errands, companion/helper to senior citizens, etc. Regarding driving, did your husband consider contacting local limo services? Mine is looking for drivers, and they provide the car. They pay $100 (plus tips) to go to an airport two hours from here. That’s $25+/hour, better than Lyft/Uber. What about local businesses you patronize? Some may have work or know of something through other customers. Self employment may not be a good option. Will your husband manage the business, send invoices, track expenses and income? It can all be a huge challenge.

All the best,