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I signed up just to reply to this! I have the same problem. I just hate talking on the phone, doesn’t matter who with. in fact, it extends to voicemails too, I can’t stand listening to them. I let my inbox get full and stay that way so nobody even has the option to leave a voicemail. so I guess it’s not just phone conversations, but listening to any talking, recordings included. if I know I have to make a phone call, like to make dinner reservations or to get roadside assistance for a flat tire (things you can’t do by text) I go through just the worst episode of dread. if it’s something that can be put off, I will do so as long as possible. meanwhile it’ll be in the back of my mind, subtly dragging me down. having to make a phone call can seriously ruin my whole day. anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your post and helping me see I’m not alone in this!