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Thank you for sharing your story…it mirrors my story as well. I’m 53 and have cycled in and out of jobs my adult life with longest being 9 years. I was fortunate to do well for 15+ years however last 3 I’ve lived below poverty and my world has been turned upside down. My marriage ended 6 years ago, then a follow on relationship ended 2 years ago. I’m unable to get back into my line of work (project mgmt) due to outdated skill set and haven’t kept up with the appropriate skills and business changes due to fear of failing and over analyzing what’s out there and where to start. I have a much better appreciation for what my female partners put up with living with me. I plan to follow this post and see if others share their stories so we can learn from others what has worked or not worked for them. I’m all out of $ so training options are limited short of free ones. Hang in there. You’re an angel, a trooper, a survivor to stay in the fight to see this through. I know it’s not easy.