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Imagine this – I am 70 years old and this wonderful man who is 65 years old waltzes into my life. I have always been very organized so there is no physical manifestation of my ADD. Wanting to make a good impression because he is wonderful , I did not tell him I had ADD – I just didn’t want him to fall into thinking I was the stereotypical ADD person with a mess around every corner. I did that because I thought he should know me better and see that chaos is not just around the corner. So he is telling me a story and reveals that he is ADHD. I thought not both of us. So I told him I was the inattentive type to which he replies NO KIDDING! Appararently he has a beautiful apt in Georgetown which is a disaster – so he is divorced and unmedicated by choice – he told me he has problems with dates – I told him was going to have to stick whicth me because I was the only one who would understand why he is the way he is. And so at 70 years having found the love of my life – he is wonderful – I have o cope with his ADHD – now my 3 children and 7 grandchildren think it’s hilarious that I have to cope with his because all of these years they have had to cope with mine. It is really different when you’re getting the grief not giving it.