Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school


My son is 14, getting ready to move to high school next year. Dx with ADHD Inattentive and OCD. May hay have mild ASD, but he’s not officially dx. This year he does seem to be opting out. It’s only through a great deal of positive reinforcement (or shameless bribery)that he has made any effort at all. Used to be an A/B student until this year. He hates school. I don’t have any answers really. I listened to a webinar here at Attitude that I thought was very interesting, so I purchased the presenter’s book – He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Sonto Believe in Himself by Adam Price. I’ve found it very helpful in understanding his male teen mindset.

At any rate, it’s possible your son has some mild depression. My son takes Lexapro for OCD, but has helped with depression as well. Something to look into I guess if he’s not taking meds that would alleviate depression.