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We have very good opportunities to advance our ability for success, all the greatest had ADHD but they didn’t live in a society full off stigma towards ASHD because this was really only a thing in the 80,s right? I’m born 86.
Even our specialist say there’s a part of the brain that’s not firing up …& so on…
I do believe that the medication has helped me controll my thinking 💭 a little better. But only to suit the demands of someone else, now I don’t want to loose said person but everyone else can get F’D to an extent.
I miss my old self I miss knowing I was different from them but not caring how they felt when I said something outrageous or over the boundaries of exceptance.

Please if your stuck in a deadline job or climbing the ladder environment I guarantee you that the highest up will be on Adhd medication. And is why most of the time come down hard on someone who has ADHD.

We were the ones who said to the tribe “there’s more & I can do it!” We are leaders we are strong & now we are made to feel like a forum is our safe place…. it’s not right but I’m here sending love and a box 📦 of wake ups so if your playing the victim or are a victim it’s not your fault but wake up and fight for your life & please don’t put your children on medication because school said they won’t sit still or focus.
They are the future to tell the tribe I can do that so move over.!!!!