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The thing to remember is that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You don’t need to accomplish ANYTHING today in order to feel worthy, happy, whole. It is true that we with ADD have it tough. Perhaps the answer is to go lightly on ourselves. Just “BE” for a while. Get centered again about what makes you you. Then, take a step (or steps) each day to head in a direction that better serves you! [I was having a crappy day myself, and I need to take that advice too!]

I too taught high school, and at a certain point, I just decided to assign and correct LESS. Change “the rules,’ where you can, to work for you!!! We are not used to being demanding. Do what works for you, and don’t apologize for it. It doesn’t mean that you are “giving less” to others, you are actually enabling yourself to be more present to them. Authenticity is the greatest gift we can give in this world. In fact, I dare say that authenticity is every bit as valuable as “accomplishment.” Who says that we all have to be “accomplishers”?? It’s certainly not in the Bible, nor in any wise letter of old. Rethink what matters.