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ZacBrown, your anecdote above gets me thinking that those of us with ADD must counter every injustice with bold, confident and positive PR for ourselves. Certainly this is easier said than done, but the approach certainly works in politics. Repeatedly restate your story’s key theme, which here would be “prescription medicine invalidates the test result, and this first test must be struck from the record, or you’ll hear from my lawyer!”

If you ever find yourself in front of a workplace drug test, you should enlist the support of the doctor who prescribes your Vyvance,and maybe even contact the manufacturer, with a brief written statement certifying that your prescription is known to invalidate basic drug testing protocols, etc.. Our prescriber should be an alliance that legitimizes our truth, and inserts some counterweight to the employer’s closed information loop. I doubt that you are the only person whose employment was screwed up because of such a false positive: there’s power in numbers!