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It angers me that our corporate society values “performance,” but not those qualities that were once considered noble: honesty, loyalty, strong work ethic, personable, well-educated…

Performance is a shifting target in this world. Our strongest play is to convince the employer, based on your actual work record, that your own brand of “performance” is a major contributor to their “problem solving” agenda.

Ideally, I think that the “neurodiverse” should unite and form our own work agency, or business. So much talent is being fried by frustration, under-appreciation, being repeatedly kicked to the curb, and other scenarios that leave us frazzled, alone and unable to pay the bills.

The “anxiety and depression” that is so common among us is to some degree abated by the discovery that “I’m not the only one” out there who has experienced it. We have to envision a better kind of society and take steps to create it, together!