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Hi again!
So i am antidepressant resistant so that means any of the antidepressant medicines actually cause me to feel bad like give me anxiety, more depression, extreme fatigue that I felt nervous to drive, ect so you may be the same. It took us a bit to discover that but maybe you can tell the psychiatrist all you have tried. I forget how many it takes for them to determine they don’t work for you but I’m pretty certain you are there. So definitely tell them all you have taken and let them know they don’t work. They may want to try you on different doses first so if you have tried different doses and or your symptoms are different in a bad way or current ones or worse let them know so you don’t go down another trail. I take lamictal, Adderall and starters. This combination works great for me and I feel better than I’ve ever felt my whole life. Some drs I think may not prescribe Adderall and starterra together but my does and insurance has accepted it. He says Adderall is for depression, I think maybe makes a difference with insurance, not sure. So it can take time to find the right medication for you but it may not as well. Just write down everything you can think of about how you feel when you feel this way, when it started (even as a kid, even for no reason at all) bc they means it’s a chemical imbalance as well. Even if it started in your teens it could be as well or triggered by your menstrual style which could cause depression every couple of weeks and maybe one good week between. So very important to think about when it started, when it happens now, if constant all through out month, never stops, ect. Do you get where I’m going with all of this? Think about all of this before you go so it can help them get right medicine. Also really important to get a psychiatrist that understands medicine ADHD depression and other issues to help with combinations of meds bc if you have ADHD and depression a lot of times you need two meds at same time bc different parts of brain that need different chemicals to work properly. Are you close to a bigger city like Portland. I would just travel to see some one that has experience with all this. Hope this isn’t all to confusing and this is just my experience. If you want to email me further questions I’ll be glad to help you anywy I can. My email is [email protected]