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Balkenator, way to go.

It’s very difficult to make decisions on what we don’t know. We say I want something different and then as we turn to go get it we are faced with the multitude of options and go…uhh….

I think your question is just as valid as any high-schooler, collegiate, or even military person looking to transition. This isn’t something ADHD specific, it’s just as troublesome to anyone who just doesn’t know what the options are, but even moreso, how they themselves are actually wired. If you’re a social extrovert looking to go into the trades, you may find it difficult because the trades are about accuracy and concentration, but you’re built and wired to have conversations and interact…may not go well.

For you, teaching definitely has many things that seem to play to your strengths, way to go on your decision based on what you know and that is that you want to teach! Best of luck with that move!