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Hello! I agree that this is totally okay. The hardeset thing about being in a world that constantly tries to make you something they want you to be rather than who you are is not knowing how to break the cycle. To me, you have to have some bigger and more solid standard than just their (or your) own opinion. Everyone’s advice is always going to be one-sided because they’re trying to tell you what’s best for you, but the problem is, they’re not you!

In my humble not you opinion, it would be best to know for sure exactly who you are before moving forward in any area.

Not many people know that our emotional/mental (soul) side has NEEDS, just like our physical side needs air and water and food, our soul has social needs, leadership needs and relationship needs that have to be realized and acknowledged. Once they are, it becomes so much healthier because we can call things by their right names, like those who are introverted but deeply need and never know how to express that. Or those that need to lead, but have been lead to believe they’re just overpowering and selfish. Or like alishad002, you have to have constantly different where other people need constant routine. You think you’re crazy and so does everyone else because they’re not like you. All that means is that your internal wiring is different. If you were to realize that’s actually intentionally created, wouldn’t that quite literally change your life and your behavior?