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Yes, he tried each med independently. Straterra alone did absolutely nothing to help him in the classroom. Vyvanse alone ramped up his anxiety and caused tics. Combined, the Straterra mitigates the side effects and allows the Vyvanse to do its job. I do think kids will manipulate their situation to their advantage when they can – neurotypical or otherwise – but in my experience when my son starts acting out in anger there’s usually something happening that’s ramping up his anxiety causing him to act out because he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to handle it another way. Sometimes you have to play detective – is there a subject or assignment at school he’s struggling with? For my son early on we discovered his refusal to complete written work was tied to his difficulty with handwriting. We gave him an iPad to type his work and that behavior stopped. Outburst in class were tied to having to work in groups which made him uncomfortable so we worked hard improving his comfort level by starting him with partners he was comfortable with them slowly reintroducing him into group projects. Not focusing in class would often make him miss key instructions, then be too embarrassed to ask for help and just refuse to do the assignment or have an outburst of emotion that he knew would get him out of it, etc. often if you can dig to the root of the problem and address the cause, change in behavior will follow.