Reply To: High Dosage /DOE


But how do I bring up “doseage management”? Just lay it out there? Originally, I started this thread to get thoughts on how/why my body burns thru medication, is the metabolism, am I expecting to much from the medication? etc. So here is how today is going… so you can give me your thoughts.

At breakfast yogurt/ egg casserole.
Took 70 mg Vyvanse at 6:40 . 1 cup of coffee
Can tell the medication is working at 7:20. Focused.

1hr Workout.
Teach teach teach

11:00 I am fading

30mg Vyvanse right at Noon.

1:30PM Struggling. Tired. 2 or 3 yawns
3:00 Still Tired…

It is like this every day. Except when I take Adderrall IR or a higher dose of a extended release medication. My body/brain doesn’t get the memo.

Is metabolism, tolerance, wanting to much from it?

I dont want to just deal with it. Because I know how it can and should work.


Thanks again.