Reply To: High Dosage /DOE


Just my 2cents again.
Have your rationale and explanations prepared for the appointment, but first find out how your doc feels about the idea. I would use the wording “medication self-management” or “doseage management” rather than ‘self-medicate’ because to me personally that’s kind of a red-flag word even though your approach and your context is totally responable. If you are scared of what the doc thinks, I can relate but usually those fears omine are not good reasons to avoid a question. If there is evidence to expect disapproval, well, maybe you didn’t get a great upgrade in doctors.
A last thought. You sound really busy. Maybe just taking 15 mins of alone time would be worth whatever it costs to make it happen… to re-center / rest your eyes/senses would mitigate some of that afternoon irritability and focus fatigue. Brain may need a breather.