Reply To: High Dosage /DOE


Agree with above post. You seem to have a fairly structured life as far as job/family/weekday patterns, so you are in a good situation to look into the biophysical factors affecting DOE and making some changes. Sorry if this is stuff you already know. This is only my experience from having to maxmize the Adderall XR and IR I got illegitamately from a girlfriend before I was diagnosed and rx’d vyvanse.
I avoid supplements contain vitamin C as well as citrus juices and anything acidic a half hour before or up to an hour after taking my morning dose (30 mg Vyvanse). One can also take an antacid or put baking soda in empty gelatin capsules and take 15 mins before your morning dose. Might make your stomach feel bloaty for a few mins. This varies for individuals and there are other reasons people use baking soda for metabolic effects…the quantities and particulars are easily found by searching ways to potentiate stimulant medications but be warned: the Reddit rabbithole of substances can be a slippery slope. I’ll just leave it at that. I try to take my ADHD meds and amino acids on an empty stomach and I try to avoid high sugar foods on tougher days, finding protein&fat better for DOE and my anxiety. Everyone knows sugar + sitting is what kills us these days right?! ; )
There are some amino acids&supplements that help me with side effects & end-of-dose (ALA, gingko, b-vitamins in the a.m. and afternoon, L-theanine, magnesium, and GABA at night) and exercise or just a brisk 10 min walk outside help my brain & mood when a dose begins to wear off -OR- to help it ‘kick in’ more noticeably. Some say Wellbutrin helps ADHD symptoms without increasing stimulant. I haven’t tried it. I’ve done a lot of informal research and enjoy reading scientific journals and medical literature. Even if you don’t, I HIGHLY encourage all reading this to learn how any and all medications interact with any vitamins/supplements/herbs. Good luck, let us know how it’s going.