Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


Sorry to hear that you are facing roadblocks! Don’t give up though if you are sure there is more going on. I was about the same age as your son when my parents started asking teachers, doctors etc. for testing but were always met with the same response. “Her grades are too high, she does well in school to have attention problems. Fast forward 20 some years. I am now 32 and was just diagnosed last summer. After years of struggling (and getting a university degree along the way/ they said that wasn’t possible with ADHD) my parents gave me the idea to get tested through a Learning Disabilites centre. Somewhere that specializes in learning disabilities, ADHD,
Etc. After meeting with a psychologist and going through extensive testing I finally received the ADHD diagnosed and the paper work to prove it! Haha. So when I went back to my doubting doctor he had no choice but to look at the test results and agree that this was in fact a problem for me. 6 months later I am on a medication that helps to control my symptoms, and in combination with that I have made some lifestyle changes. And I can honestly say it has been a complete life changer. So if you think your son needs more help, keep trying! Find an agency or psychologist or someone who is willing to do the testing. My only regret is I wish that someone would have told us that when I was 8 years old 🙂