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This resonates with me alot.. I am use to a lot of negative energy / feedback and barriers or obstacles that make me feel stuck and caged or boredom takes a full swing at my head and makes getting up from a fall impossible feeling.

The thing is once you identify what’s draining you, either try and plant a seed of change or take full advantage of hammering it head on. The world’s a blessing and can feel like a curse, the disorder is the same way, balance is key.

Note to yourself there’s no right or wrong way, sometimes the feelings that taking everything in and just letting it absorb you will force you to counter balance.. Depression is a rough log to stand on, especially with adhd’s rushing waters trying to keep you distracted with depression.

I may not be helping at all I’m sorry, I am trying and letting you know your not alone it is a constant struggle I personally have come to just accept… Think about your quirks and what makes you, you. Find your center, go for this you’ve got it, we’ve all made it this far, things always get better somehow, time is the enemy, or the challenge..

Man, hopefully this is appropriate I’m not trying to minimize at all, that feels like crap. Your unique, were unique, embrace it, grieve over it, accept it and..

Your loved no matter what. Alright I don’t want to over do it, you kinda got me connected to this one.. maybe some music similar to your feelings can help, it makes me feel alot better listening to some one musically to imagine and decompress + destress to